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I’ve decided to post a road map of what I’m currently or planning to write. I’m planning on writing enough to release books on a 3-4 month cycle to create a steady flow of work. All descriptions are quick mock ups. Chaos in the starless nights is 70% done!

Release table

3-6 months – Chaos in the starless nights novella – book 1.5 in a universe without stars – They say time is relative, for one being, time flies at a rapid pace. A blink, hundreds of years pass. A flicker, a life begins and ends. A single glimmer, a million year old traitor returns to the place he once betrayed. The next, an eyeless assassin questions his mission as he takes an innocent life. A shimmer, an omnipotent leader’s rule crumbles beneath his feet. In a flash, a treacherous woman revels in her plans as they come together to bring down those around her as a giant appears in the sky. In a single second, four paths cross, as each story ends, the next begins in the Universe without Stars.

6-9 months – Of Dreams, Beauty, and Rage – Dark YA Urban fantasy – A teenage boy discovers that his horrifying nightmares are actually visions of the void, a vacuous place between life and death, where erratic demons no longer wait for passing souls to devour, but start crossing over into the world of the living to take them and they’re coming for him next. He uses the power of the void to fight them and his own personal demons before they take what’s rightfully his, his soul. Note: This will only be called YA because most of the characters are in high school.

12 months – Starkiller – Book 2 In A Universe Without Stars – No description yet, by the way my outline is going it’ll be twice the size of Skyeater and twice as epic!

15 months – Hate Creation – Book 1 in a New sci-fi thriller series – After a meteorite explodes and peppers the Earth with crystals that imbue superpowers to those who come in contact – superpowers that act like a ticking mental time bomb – a decimated team of immune super soldiers must enlist the aid of others like them to stop a rogue soldier from unleashing all of their previously collected crystals on New York City.

24 months – Starmaker – Final book In A Universe Without Stars

There’s more to come and more in between the ones I mentioned as well but I want to put the finishing touches on these first before announcing more.

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