Writing diary #1 – Brother!!

Coming up with character names is hard. Like really hard. Not every character can be named after some psuedo name based on the theme of the story. So what’s the best way to come up with names? If it’s some what grounded in reality, you could use your facebook friends names. But then you’ll notice you have 4 Samantha’s and 10 Chase’s and then you’ll quickly run out of names. You can use a random name generator which I use for the most part, but what if you write fantasy and science fiction and have a certain naming scheme you have to adhere to?

I’m currently working on The Men Who Killed God book 2 and I had to come up with a character name for the brother of a god. So I couldn’t use ‘normal’ names, it had to sound somewhat godly and ended up with Arcadius. That sounded ridiculous in the actual work, so he’s now simply named ‘Brother’ until I can find a better name for him. It’s kind of taking me out of my writing as it reminds me of Metal gear solid.

It’ll probably take me a good five minutes of clicking through names on a name generator to find a good one.

For all my stories, I believe I came up with exactly five names by myself. The rest were found in a random name generator or by me finding a name of something and going through google translator and clicking through each language until I find one cool sounding enough to use. It’s a science.

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