Master of all. Bought a Blackmagic pocket camera.

When I moved to Los Angeles, Ca in 2012. I had two goals. One, become a world famous director. And two, become the best damn screenwriter alive. I guess my goal was to master visual and non-visual storytelling.

Before I wrote my debut novel, I had a few unproduced screenplays under my belt. Writing scripts never cost money, nor shouldn’t they, unless you’re getting scammed. I was still an aspiring writer and director as I was never paid for any of my work.

Two years into building my career, I decided to try my hand at writing a novel. I was getting jaded with the screenwriting world even though I never really tried that hard to put my work out there. And that novel turned into Skyeater, my first science fiction novel. A 400 page science-fantasy epic.

That turned me from an aspiring writer to a produced/professional writer as people were buying my books(Even though I’m not the best selling or the most famous, and I haven’t made that much money from my books. Meh). Leaving me to still be an aspiring director. I can’t call myself a director as I haven’t directed a single damn thing. But I’ve written something that has been bought and read by hundreds.


Now, three years since moving to LA, I’m ready to leave the aspiring title from my name. Writing will still take most of my time as I found a love in it and I have more than a few book ideas to finish. But in my free time, I’ll will work on training myself to become the next big director, so hopefully, the next hit you’ll see in theaters will be my movie.

I will post updates on my film making journal on this blog. Falters and all.

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