Changing tides

From 50 to 8 to 4.

From a planned 50 weekly serials, to a then 8 full novels. The Sinner of the Infinite series will now be released as a 4 novel book series.

What was originally a weekend project while I worked on my In A Universe Without Stars series on the weekdays, the first 10 part serial release, The Men Who Killed God, grew into something bigger. After releasing the first few episodes in a failed spectacle, I decided to make the series into a 8 book series. Every two books would be it’s own story, and each two books connected with the next. The first two of which would be called The Men Who Killed God. But as the project slowly took my time away from my first series, I noticed that in order to create a more satisfying reading experience, I would have to combine Book one and two.

This weekend project had became a weekday project.

Now, with the edits done, cover art finished, I’m ready to start planning it’s release for the end of March/Beginning of April. Now, I can get back to my first series and then I can start on this series again at the end of 2016.
You can never knew when an idea will grab you and take up your time.

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